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Congratulations!  You've discovered an educational website dedicated to student success at all levels!  Conventional educational systems, functional as they are, can always use more support for their staff, students and parents.  Be aware though, that the processes (not buzzwords or "new programs") used here do NOT create the same old student using the same old systems.  This system is a "way of life", if you will.  It all hinges on the premise that "you must be PRESENT TO WIN!"  Every student wants to know that at least ONE person in their life cares about them and their success.  That's where we come in. Finding what students are successful and capable at is the key.  By leading students to their success using guided advisory--a one-adult advocacy system and community-building, consistent and streamlined curriculum,  and consistent expectations, you'll be on the forefront of changing our world on a grass roots level through education.

In a nutshell, this website will offer:
  • Middle School Lesson Plans
  • Guided Advisory Curricula
  • Portfolio Lesson Plans
  • Organizational Tools  
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  • Vertical Teaming Processes & Templates
  • School to Community Partnership Templates 
  • Advisement Lesson Plans

Here is an example of the magic behind the idea. . . .

Issues such as race, social status, and gender fade as students focus on the similarities of those around them, rather than the differences.  This is when students can begin to envision and produce their own success.  Of course, education must ensure the mastery of essentials such as reading, writing, math and science skills, but we must do so in a way that an individual's talents and passion are supported and can become that much greater.  Those students who can articulate and produce results based on their talents are the foundation of our communities.  It's "paying it forward" in an educational way.
It is human nature to be self-absorbed, but that method is short-lived and comes with a limited amount of potential.  Our company focus will help all of us in the business of teaching and learning that with teamwork, and teaching students how to be invested in each other, the potential is unlimited! 
Look no further for long-lasting and far-reaching results!
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